Welcome to the Swiss Afghan Hound Club

For many years - till 1986 - the Swiss Sighthounds and its breeders were united in a Swiss Sighthound Club, when Swiss sighthound owners/breeders of all sighthound breeds felt like rearranging anew in single breed clubs. Same aimed the Afghan owners/breeders for.

Today's Swiss Afghan Hound Club has been founded in May 1986 and became a full member of the Swiss Kennel Club SKG. Its main concern belongs to the pure breeding of the Afghan Hound according to the FCI standard. The Swiss Afghan Hound Club also promotes the appropriate keeping of the Afghan Hound and the typical sighthounds sports such as coursing and racing. Also a yearly Club Winner Show belongs to its activities.

The Swiss Afghan Hound Club is supervising its breeders, is organising the education of new Afghan Hound show judges - both according to the regulations of the Swiss Kennel Club and its own additional requirements. It is involved as well in assisting Swiss breeders to find appropriate forever homes for their puppies as in rescue work of Afghans living in Switzerland. Whoever is in need of help is welcomed to ask it from us - for the sake of the Afghan Hounds.


This contribution in the English language will be extended. For the time being please enjoy the pictures of the German site:

Der Afghane - The Afghan Hound

please find the FCI standard in English language

Zucht - Breeding in Switzerland

enjoy puppy pictures of the active Swiss breeders and addresses of Swiss breeders lined up.

Veranstaltungen - Events

enjoy pictures and results of Swiss shows, coursings and races

Bildergalerien - Galleries

young, successful, seniors, fun - where members are invited to post their best pictures


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